Choosing the Best Domain Name

I have quite a few websites and blogs of my own or that I have done for others and am always trying to think up new ideas for my next project. One thing always seems to be a stumbling block that I spend a lot of time trying to get other – choosing the best domain nameā€¦

Choosing the web host, site design, content management system amongst many things are also very important choices, but all of those can be changed down the line without too much fuss, whereas rebranding a site and changing its domain name although technically not difficult is nearly always something that would be best to avoid. Getting it right first time therefore is pretty important, but very difficult when the project is in its junior stages and hasn’t necessarily developed much of a ‘personality’. Continue reading

How to show random quotes in WordPress

Someone recently asked me to add some testimonials to their website. They had a collection of quotes from their customers and wanted one to be displayed on each page at random. Although this post it titled how to show random ‘quotes’ in WordPress the concept can be applied to pretty much anything and is not limited to quotes. It also not limited to WordPress as we’re just going to be using some simple PHP.
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Cheltenham Web Design

As well as being a web development resource and tutorials site we also provide web design services…

Due to the nature of the modern communications and particularly the internet these services are of course available globally. However, if you are in the Cheltenham area or the wider area of the Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds and are looking for a local web wesigner or web design team that you can meet with in person, touch, see and smell then we are here! Continue reading