Best Minimalist WordPress Themes 2019

I have been planning to build a new minimalist WordPress theme for for a long time now. I wanted to base it on Milligram CSS Framework and use minimal code.

Unfortunately building a new WordPress theme for a hobby project gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list every time work comes in. So, I decided to see what else there is in the WordPress repository that fulfilled the needs of being clean, minimal and efficient with a nice design and typography out of the box.

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Site Update – 2019

The site is currently having a little rest. If you’re looking for any of the old articles on web development, SEO, digital marketing and the like we’ll have to refer you back to Google – there are plenty of great resources that covered everything we used to have in the blog. With the pace of change on the internet it seemed more appropriate to retire these rather than give information that may not be up to date.

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