10 Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

In this article I will give you my 10 proven techniques for getting more Twitter followers. I’ve also added written a list of helpful resources that you can use for some of these methods that you can find at the end of the article.

1: Follow Trains

If you would like to increase your quantity of followers quickly and are not particularly worried about the quality then you can join a follow train. Search in Twitter for follow train hastags and keywords such as: #Teamfollowback, #Followback, #Followtrain, #followforfollow.

Each “train” may work slightly differently, but the general concept is that by following someone who has tweeted with that hashtag and/or retweeting their tweet, they will follow you. You can quickly increase your Twitter followers using this method, especially if you’re choosing to follow accounts that have just tweeted as they are likely to be online.

As mentioned this technique can result in quick gains, but the type of follower you are gaining may not be particularly valuable in terms of their interaction with your future tweets. Also, their life span as a follower may be limited as their motivation for following is probably not because they are genuinely in your Twitter content.

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