10 Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

2: Use Content Locking

This method can be used if you have a blog or your own website. It involves only allowing users to access the content if they perform an action, such as retweeting, following you on Twitter, subscribing to a mailing list etc. If you’re using a platform such as wordpress there are plugins available to help you do this. I’ll list some of these in the resources section at the end of this article.

Unless your content is particularly enticing you may not achieve a good success rate with this method, so make sure it’s something people really want. Free downloads work well, for example images, videos, tutorials, ebooks, mp3s. If you don’t have any content I’ve put together some free PLR articles that you can use. These are 3 short articles that I’ve written that you can use to try content locking or for any other purpose. You can find a link to them at the end of this article on the resources page – and I’ve used content locking (so you can see how it works and also to build my own following) so you’ll need to retweet, follow or subscribe in order to get them 🙂

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