10 Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

3: Giveaways and Incentives

You’ll often see Twitter users offering prizes once the reach a certain number of followers. If done correctly this works. For example if you have 800 followers and you want to get to 1000 quickly you could tweet that once you hit 1000 you’ll select a random follower to give a prize to. You could also require people to retweet to be eligible. Don’t make the mistake of awarding whatever prize you are giving the the 1000th follower as that will cause people to hold off following you until you get near the target and could cause followers to unfollow and refollow in order to try and be the 1000th (plus it’s very hard to keep track of). Ensure you use relevant hashtags in order to get maximum exposure.

When it comes to choosing a winner there are various tools out there that can help you pick one randomly from your followers such as GiveAwayTool and TweetDraw.

The single most effective method that I have found for gaining followers is using a Viral Competition on my own website. We’ll talk about this one on the next page…

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