I work full time in digital marketing and development. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for my social skills) these things are also my hobbies.

Webgrafter is blog and platform where I collate my thoughts and findings and escapes the realms of client work.

I started out around 10 years ago as a self-taught web developer, working mainly with PHP and WordPress. Over the years I have dipped in and out of various other skills within the digital marketing and development realm. This has included a few interesting projects and roles such as working on user interfaces of some of the UK’s largest insurance comparison websites, starting up and developing a popular voucher code and discount platform, building an internal health insurance quotation system as well as lots of small web projects and SEO for businesses in my local area.

I now focus predominantly on the digital marketing side, doing quite a lot with affiliate marketing and a fair bit of front end development.

Whenever I can I build things for fun or experimentation… and also to one day make something that will allow me to stop taking on clients!