Experimenting with Online Money Making

I have decided to restart this blog with a new focus.

I work on the internet and provide digital marketing services to clients to help their businesses grow online. I have been part of a fairly successful SEO based niche affiliate site for the past few years. Whilst it has been rewarding and fun it has somewhat blinkered me to the other online opportunities out there.

Recently I was having a drink with a friend who told me he knew someone making thousands of pounds a day using arbitrage on a very simple WordPress blog. I didn’t even realise techniques such as this were still working. I’d written off most paid advertising income opportunities a few years ago along with a host of other money making methods that I thought must be either saturated or dead by now.

Looking deeper into things there seems to be as much opportunity as ever. Maybe it’s not as easy as it once was, but the internet’s user base is growing daily thus so is the market for anyone who is trying to earn a living online.

I’ve decided to use Webgrafter as a base for conducting experiments relating to making money online, which even as I type it feels spammy. My intentions are not however. I’m aiming to test various techniques and utilise various platforms to develop earning strategies. I hope that these experiments will result in lessons, preferably what to do, but I have no doubt that some may be “what not to dos” or act as cautionary tales.

I already have a structure in mind for the articles and will endeavour to be as transparent as possible and provide step by step guides as well as actual results.

The first 2 experiments are already underway and will involve using Twitter and Traffic Exchanges. Articles will follow shortly.

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