Where Have the Tutorials Gone?

If you visited Webgrafter.com in the past, you probably landed one of the WordPress, PHP, HTML, jQuery or CSS tutorials. I recently relaunched the blog and decided to start afresh rather than revive tutorials that were written a few years ago and are now, for the most part, outdated.

The pace of progress with web technologies means it’s always best to check the posting dates on tutorials as see if anyone else has a more recent version with a different approach.

So, I do apologise if you have come via a bookmark or out of date link (I have 301 redirected most of them to this post) but there is most likely something you can quickly find on Google that will tell you what you need to know.

I will be adding a few more tutorials as time goes by. These will most likely be more focused on digital marketing than programming, but I will include the odd WordPress and frontend tutorial.

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